Homepage restoration and Korean lecture production schedule

by 삶의언어 posted Apr 18, 2021


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[Homepage recovery]

In the past few months, various problems have occurred due to unknown errors in the website operating program.

However, all work was completed at 12:48 pm (Korean time) on the 18th (Sun).



[Homepage and Korean language lecture production]

Until now, due to various issues, the production of lectures on the website and Korean YouTube has been delayed indefinitely.

Not all problems have been resolved, but now the homepage and Korean language lectures are available to some extent, so we are going to create them one by one.

First of all, the website production related to Korean language lectures will be completed in April, and the Korean language lectures will begin on April 25 (Sun).



[Mobile app production]

It will be completed and released between April and May.

However, we plan to include only a part of the beginner course first and update it little by little.