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Korean language education
(Based on Washington)

Service Introduction



  This is the operator Lim Jong-kwan.


  In Korea, if you want to study a foreign language through a private institute or online lecture, you need to allocate a considerable amount of time to grammar.
  However, in practice, grammar is not very important when using the language.
  Therefore, the lectures I prepare will be conducted without complicated and difficult grammar.
  First, we will start with Korean pronunciation, and we will make one by one about how to make words and sentences.
  Since it is the first production, it is not enough, so please understand.


  The preparation method is to create a video lecture through YouTube and create and distribute an app for mobile and PC.
  Apps for mobile and PC can be used as a teaching material for YouTube video lectures, and will be produced for use alone.

  This lecture is designed for people from all over the world who want to learn Korean.



  Languages that can be implemented on this website are [Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese, Turkish, Mongolian, Indonesian] 13 languages.

  Therefore, for other languages, only YouTube lectures and textbooks are produced and posted on the homepage bulletin board.


  Apps for mobile and PC are also produced in various languages, and most foreign languages are translated into Google.


  If you like it, please do a lot of publicity.


thank you.


(Google translation)